Inhabiting the planet at La Cura Summer School

What you see here is the output of the information visualization work group at "La Cura Summer School". This was an intense week long workshop and ecosystem revolving around the theme of what it means to "inhabit the planet".

We interpreted this topic through an exploration of the semantic and conceptual polarities underlying the notion of 'inhabiting'. We decided to visualize this using social media content (from the public domain), specifically images from Instagram and status updates from Twitter.

Using this information visualisation one can filter, compose and mix the social media content gathered according to several different terms related to 'inhabiting', as well as according to the emotional analysis of the status updates themselves.

New data is fetched every 30 minutes, and the content shown is only the most recent 100 items per search.

Disclaimer: images from Instagram are only categorized according to the text in their description, if any is provided.

Credits and notes

"La Cura Summer School" was promoted by La Cura and organized by NeFuLa - near future design lab at ISIA Firenze in August 2016.

The information visualization work group is Ami Li├žaj, Anna Gerometta, Antonio Puglisi, Francesca Chiappa, Giorgio Rinolfi, Joanna Sleigh, Jon Husband, Martina Sportelli, Ruggero Castagnola.

The data capturing and structuring behind is performed by the Human Ecosystems platform. The emotion categorization happens through an implementation of the circumplex model of affect.

The outputs of the Summer School are a commons. The repository to get all the reports, information, and code, is available on GitHub.